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Hybrid Security Recognized
By IDC as a Smart Vendor

"Hybrid Security has a "smart" approach that advances the traditional signature based identification of malicious attackers and focuses on the behavioral aspects of the user."
IDC Tall and Small-Smart or Cool 2013 report

Threats Mitigated

Identity Theft

Including confidential credentials and credit card numbers.

Web Scrapers

Website crawlers that extract specific content. This type of software serves for industrial espionage and replication of website owners' intellectual property .

Trojan Horses

Hide in legitimate users' PC and attempt to mimic user activities. Capable of bypassing all conventional authentication methods by "piggybacking" the real user's session .


Same old criminals with the same old schemes, operate nowadays under the protection of Web anonymity. Fraud scenarios include: 1. Merchandise & service ordering without payment 2. False winning of public bids 3. Bypass of limitations imposed by business owners such as purchase quantity limit and premium service usage .


Thousands of compromised computers at the disposal of hackers to assist in website hacking, denial-of-service attacks, infecting website users with malware and spamming via websites.


Hacking attempts against sensitive information systems, data extraction and intranet scanning .

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